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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Student Employees

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The Centennial Student Union employs over 120 students in jobs ranging from event set-up to scheduling, from technicians to administrative aids. The Student Employees of the CSU are the grease in the gears, the magicians, technicians, and superheroes who make the House of Serendipity so serendipitous. Come join our team, and be a part of the team that makes the CSU the best place to be!

Join Our Team

Operations- This is the group that makes the CSU function. How do the lights get turned on every day? Who sets up for these awesome events? Who do I ask about CSU events or for assistance when help is needed? CSU Operations are the behind-the-scenes folks who work everyday to make the House of Serendipity the best place on campus.

  1. Building Assistant
  2. Building Lead
  3. Building Manager

Technology— The CSU has a huge and diverse amount of technology to make presentations more beautiful, your speakers heard, and your programs just more awesome. But somebody has to get all that running right? The Technology Crew in the CSU works to make events, presentations, banquets and the like as awesome as possible by providing clients of the CSU with access to the awesome tech of the CSU while providing the service of highly-trained individuals to work that equipment.

  1. Tech Assistant
  2. Lead Tech Assistant
  3. Audio Specialist
  4. Lighting Specialist

Scheduling- There is a lot that goes on in the CSU. Conferences, programs, orientations, meetings, banquets, and things you haven’t even thought of. The Scheduling Team are the folks responsible for getting everyone where they need to be, with the technology they need, and the help that they need.

  1. Student Scheduler
  2. Student Lead Scheduler

Bullpen— The newly-redesigned Bullpen offers a huge range of entertainment and snack options for students, be a part of something awesome by helping it go! The Senior and Associate positions will run the front counter, servicing customers and dealing out some awesome snack food. The Programming Assistant will assist the Bullpen Coordinator in conceptualizing, organizing, and completing events.

  1. Student Associate
  2. Student Senior
  3. Programming Assistant

Administration & Communication- The CSU Administrative Aids are the happy-go-awesome customer service people who greet visitors in the CSU Administration Office AND are responsible for maintaining the poster-hanging areas in the CSU. They are the folks that help make the world go round. The Communications Team are the folks who make the website work, who update those awesome screens around the CSU, and who produce all the Marketing stuffs for the CSU

  1. Programming Assistant
  2. Student Administrative Aid
  3. Graphic Design Associate
  4. Communications Lead
  5. Web Design Associate
  6. Building Manager Log File

Learning Opportunities

For an ambience offering fireplace seating and natural lighting, the CSU’s beautiful Heritage Room seats 70 for small group gatherings or weekend luncheons.

Student Employment Leadership Team— Nominated every year by Department Supervisors, the Student Employment Leadership Team is a group devoted to making the Centennial Student Union the BEST place to work on campus. By communicating issues on a regular basis, the different parts of the CSU work together to find solutions to problems, and to act as knowledge sources for Supervisors and other departments. Want to be a part of a group who makes a difference? Ask your supervisor about joining S.E.L.T

Conferences— Every fall students have the opportunity to attend ACUI (that’s Association of College Unions International) Regional Conference. As a member of the CSU Team, you’ll of course, be invited. It gives student-leaders the opportunity to talk about life in the union, hear other’s experiences, and to gain new insight and perspectives on being an employee of a Union. Learning while you Work—All of the position descriptions in the CSU come with

Learning Outcomes/Objectives- These are resume-worthy skills that can be used in almost any professional setting conceivable, so while you’re working and earning pay, you’ll also be developing your skills for the world beyond the college walls.

Student Employment Basics

How to Clock In

  1. Log-in to a CSU computer using your Campus Login (example: jdoe1), cannot be a public computer
  2. Find PCPunch in the Start Menu
  3. Type in your TechID
  4. Click OK
  5. Click OK, again
  6. You should see a window pop up that says “Transaction Accepted”

Expectations of Student Union Employees

  1. BE ON TIME. If you are on time, you’re late. Be on time means be early.
  2. Dress appropriately. Some positions requite a uniform, some have a standard of dress, ask your supervisor for details on this.
  3. Be courteous. At some point you’re going to come into contact with a client or customer of the CSU, be an excellent steward of the CSU by showing the utmost care, compassion, empathy and respect to all customers in the Union.
  4. Become aware. There’s always a lot going on in the Centennial Student Union. Events, programs, conferences, and a multitude of different offices and services are provided all under one roof. Be aware of what’s going on, where certain offices are, and how you fit in to the scheme of things in order to better service your customers.
  5. Cover your shifts. If you are going to be unable to work speak to your supervisor, talk to your peers, post a note, or do something to get your shift covered! If you need time off in advance, TALK TO YOUR SUPERVISOR!
  6. Mission and Vision
    Your House of Serendipity is the place where you discover a "pleasant surprise around every corner."
    The first line in the vision of the Centennial Student Union, and you play an integral part in making this the place where surprises happen. Check out the CSU’s Mission and Vision Page!