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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

House of Serendipity

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ser•en•dip•i•ty - making fortunate discoveries by accident


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What is "serendipity?" According to Wikipedia, it's a word that's been voted as one of the ten hardest English words to translate. At the CSU, we tend to agree because serendipity is something you have to experience.

It's that experience when you get more than you expected. It's that accidental lucky discovery that we hope will have you coming back for more.

Your House of Serendipity is the place where you discover "pleasant surprises that INVITE, INVOLVE and INSPIRE." At the Centennial Student Union, we are dedicated to making this more than just another building on campus. Rather the CSU is the social hub of Minnesota State Mankato -- the students' living room -- enhanced by a collection of student organizations and services

Here you are INVITED to feed your body, your mind or your spirit. You can grab a slice of pizza, a salad or sushi. It's a place for billiards or bowling, sitting with your laptop or just being lazy by the Hearth Lounge fireplace.

Here you can get INVOLVED in Student Activities, or reach out into the greater Mankato community as a student volunteer. Throughout the year, the CSU is a center of campus activity. Stomper Cinema offers weekly first-run movies in spectacular 7.1 surround sound in the award-winning Ostrander Auditorium. The CSU is the site for entertainment, cultural nights as well as a stimulating lectures covering a wide range of social issues.

From the CSU's welcoming atmosphere and engaging culture, students are encourage to be INSPIRED as they gain confidence, new relationships, leadership skills and personal awareness as they seek rewarding careers and fulfilling lives.

Whatever your needs, you'll find something of interest in the CSU. We also hope you find serendipity -- that pleasant surprise you weren't expecting.


 “I like to call the Union the House of Serendipity. You go for one thing and you get more than you bargained for. It’s inescapable. It gets into your head and into your heart, and you’re never quite the same again. The right union will change you.”

C. Shaw Smith
Former President
Association of College Unions International